As a young woman in my 20s I worked all the time as an actor/director. When I became a mom, I slowed down, and in the ensuing years ran a theater group, did a lot directing and attended film school at Valley College.

Now the kids are grown, I still keep the part time job I took to assist the family but otherwise, I am back to doing the work of an actor which changes and yet is the same every day.

Because I am currently preparing for five weeks working with an specific casting director, I am making myself very aware of his shows, and searching out the similar elements that are present in each character he casts for the individual show/film.

I am also working with writers and actors who are working with me on my shows as a Carol Burnett tribute artist.

Finally, during this month, I am taking part in a wonderful event that Coach Clay Banks puts on each year, called the One Minute Monologue Contest. A must for every serious actor not already on a series.

Once these events pass…. there are plenty behind them.

Evenings are often comprised of screenings, workshops, and more meetings. But we save specific evenings where my husband and I cuddle up and watch our favorite shows we’ve recorded to watch together.


I just did a gig as Carol Burnett and her character, Miss Wiggins,  and I did Eunice.I am working with the Dream Factory to get Donald Sutherland’s last film made.I am doing interior design work for John Deaver Studios, complete digital video and music editing complex.Signed with manager Victor Kruglov and Assoc.Just filmed an infomercial for Pearl Hair RemovalIn June, I played Lady Godiva in “America Wa-ye Godgyfu”I just shot the promos for a new webseries called Firesign Girls now on Indiego-go

Appearing as various characters in the always funny english webseries: Room for Rent

that’s it for now.